Jade Tear Gold Kin Earrings

Jade Tear Gold Earrings...Part of the Kin Collection

Brass & Metalwork...

EarWire is Gold Vermeil (24kt over Sterling Silver)

Handmade with Extra Love in Napa Valley <3


  • Stone of Heaven & Longevity.  Harmony among mind, body & spirit.  A channel to dreams & spirit realms. Believed to empower the manifestation of one’s dreams, accepting the sky as the limit, & possibilities to be truly infinite. Provides wisdom in discerning & evaluating challenges, and smooth life transition.

Kin Collection:

  • As in kinship and family. The full circle has been intentionally placed here to represent community as a whole. The circle can only exist when it is entire/whole/round/complete... It is no longer a circle if it has been broken. Any part of the circle can only be as strong as the rest of itself.  As a community, as Kin, we are the sum of our entire parts... we are what the rest of our components are made up of, whether that be strong/weak/sick/healthy/timid/bold...

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