"Copper Tide"... Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet... Collaboration between Sonia & Sergio Lub

Collaboration between Sonia and her father Sergio Lub.  Copper Tide resembles the continuous movement and fluctuation of water and all life.  Created and worn as a reminder that what is alive moves, and what moves is sacred.  Inspired by the ebb & flow caused by the moon as it spins around Earth. Researchers have taught us that life on earth is a result of this graceful dance.

This bracelet comes with 2 Rare Earth Magnets, placed on the inner edge of the bracelet, to lay directly over the wrists pressure points.

Medium ~ For wrists 6" to 7" in diameter
Also available in gold jewelers brass (http://www.sonialub.com/collections/sergio-sonia-lub-bracelets/products/high-tide-copper-bracelet) .

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