Artifact Kin Earrings with Titanium Quartz

Artifact Kin Earrings with Titanium Quartz

Titanium Quartz... Silver Metalwork...Sterling Earwire

Made with Love in Napa

*Holding the entire spectrum of light, quartz is said to purify, balance, align & strengthen. It can enhance any intention applied to it, such as thoughts, focus, meditation, spiritual growth, wisdom, creativity, & healing… while balancing it’s environment, & illuminating one’s true path.

*As in kinship and family. The full circle has been intentionally placed here to represent community as a whole. The circle can only exist when it is entire/whole/round/complete... It is no longer a circle if it is bent or broken. Any part of the circle can only be as strong as the rest of itself. As a community, as Kin we are the sum of our entire parts... we are what the rest of our components are, whether that be strong/weak/sick/healthy/timid/bold...

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