Amethyst, Rudraksha Seed with Citrine - Ru Collection

"Amethyst Nugget" Earrings, part of the Ru Collection

Amethyst Nugget with Rudraksha Seed (a.k.a. 'Shiva's Tears') with Citrine Crystal... Brass & Metalwork...

EarWire is Gold Vermeil (24kt over Sterling Silver)

Amethyst: (  Enhances unconditional love.  Stone of peace, serenity, contentment & composure, bringing about stability & strength.   Transforms negative energy & deep emotional pain.  Assists in flexibility towards decision-making, common sense, communication & cooperation between logical, emotional & physical bodies. Encourages sobriety & freedom from addiction.  Protector for travelers.  A potent prosperity stone when paired with citrine.

Rudraksha Seed: (  Known as “Shiva’s tears”.  Worn & cherished by Sages and Yogis for thousands of years because of their spiritual importance & healing properties.  Believed to help with concentration, peace of mind, memory, stress/anxiety relief, protection, abundance & prosperity.  

Citrine: (  Activates personal empowerment, creativity & optimism, as it dissolves all negativity. Stimulates intuition, mental focus, intelligence, clarity & endurance. Assists with clearing the auric field, dispels anger & fear, & draws wealth.  Never needs cleansing or clearing.

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