Amethyst Circle Kin Earrings in Sterling Silver

Amethyst Circle Kin Earrings in Sterling Silver

Polished Amethyst, Silver Circle, Sterling Metalwork

*Stimulates intuition, imagination, & adaptability. Calms & gently soothes emotional wellbeing, relieving stress, fear & sadness, while supporting self-growth. Revered by Ancient Tribes. Stone of peace, serenity, calmness and composure, bringing about stability and strength. Relieves tension and pain (both physical and emotional), while providing protection and transforming negative energy towards positive loving energy. Assists in flexibility towards decision making, and common sense, communication and cooperation between logical, emotional and physical bodies. Encourages sobriety & freedom from addiction.

*As in kinship and family. The full circle has been intentionally placed here to represent community as a whole. The circle can only exist when it is entire/whole/round/complete... It is no longer a circle if it is bent or broken. Any part of the circle can only be as strong as the rest of itself. As a community, as Kin we are the sum of our entire parts... we are what the rest of our components are, whether that be strong/weak/sick/healthy/timid/bold...

Handmade with Love in Napa Valley

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