Sonia Lub Bay Area Jewelry DesignerAbout Sonia Lub Jewelry.....

Sonia Lub is committed to designing & hand-making jewelry that is original, beautiful, meaningful, and of the highest quality, guaranteed to provide long lasting beauty and durability.I carefully hand select all of my ingredients, and incorporate salvaged & recycled material in many of my pieces.  All of my jewelry is handcrafted in my studio in Napa Valley, California, and my craftsmanship is guaranteed.

 About the Artist.....Sonia Lub is a Bay Area artist & designer who incorporates global consciousness with neo-tribalism. The daughter of California glass artist Gaye Frisk and Argentine jeweler Sergio Lub, Sonia was raised in many cultures, travelled six continents, and from her earliest years was taught the sanctity of peace and compassion. She served as a peace ambassador for the Dalai Lama, a student ambassador to New Zealand and Australia, and has lived and worked among the Luo & Massai tribes of Kenya, and the Secoya Elders of Ecuador.

She also studied sustainable business & living practices in Auroville (eco-village & intentional community) in Tamil Nadu, India, and in 2004 co-founded the Circle of Hope Daycare Center in Kunya Village, Kenya. Sonia’s inspiration stems from her travels, and her beloved community that around the world.